Many Blockbuster Drugs Going Generic by 4Q 2016

There is some good news on the horizon with respect to healthcare costs – many Blockbuster Drugs are going generic by 4Q 2016. Prescription drugs costs continue to dominate any employer, employee, or Medicare beneficiary discussion concerning health insurance and for good reason: they can be outrageously expensive. 2016 is a watershed year when many top selling brand name drugs will go generic. Popular brand name drugs such as Crestor(cholesterol and 2.6 billion dollars in revenue), Benicar (blood pressure), Zetia (cholesterol), Kaletra (HIV), and Humira (arthritis) all go generic by the 4Q of 2016.

We anxiously await the transition to generic drug manufacturers who we hope will generate a significant savings. The monthly costs for Crestor ($253), Humira ($3,680), Benicar ($162), Zetia ($265), and Kaletra ($936) can financially destroy a consumer. Higher copays and donut hole exposure can force folks to stop taking their medications. We look forward to a lower price point for our clients, and a faster FDA process for generic manufacturers.

Burman S. Clark

Burman S. Clark, RHU, CSA is the President of Muneris Benefits and a licensed insurance broker and consultant. His independent practice and focuses on employee benefits, individual life, disability, medical, and senior products. Burman has traveled extensively and provided guidance to large employer associations with regards to the Affordable Care Act.